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Large selection of designer wigs, Janise Crow, The Hair Lady, State College PA

Wigs have really come a long way in construction and realism. They are so stylish, it is hard to detect if someone is wearing a high-quality synthetic wig or a human hair wig. Wigs today are not the wigs you remember grandma wearing.

In fact, most wig wearers report these three common themes; 1) "No one can tell it's not my hair." 2) "I get more compliments on my wigs than I ever did on my hair." 3) "Wigs make my life easier.

Here on my site, I am focusing on the base of the wig called the cap.  The cap is the material to which the hair is attached. The new cap constructions are lighter, more durable, and so much more natural looking.

When choosing a wig, it is important to consider the cap construction as each design has a specific method of attaching hair to the cap and offers its own set of advantages.

Basic wigs have open wefting for better air ventilationare and are the most durable & affordable.

Synthetic & Human Hair

Lace front wigs create the look of natural hair growth along the front hairline.

Synthetic & Human Hair

Monofilament allows multi-directional parting while providing the appearance of natural growth.

Synthetic & Human Hair