About Me, The Hair Lady

Janise Crow

Janise Crow, The Hair Lady

How I Started

With a background in cosmetology and business management, I established “The Hair Lady” wig shop located in State College, Pennsylvania in 2001. I started my business primarily offering hair pieces and a few fashion wigs to busy women needing a great hair style quickly.  Even teams such as cheerleading, twirl majorettes, silks band and dance teams recognize the benefits of having a coordinated look quickly. In fact, that is how I got my business name.  Early on when I visited schools to color match teams for hairpieces, the coaches would announce "Hey girls, The Hair Lady is here to match your hair for a hair piece".  My first name is often difficult to pronounce and even remember, so when  began introducing myself as "The Hair Lady" people immediately connected and I think it's fitting.

Meeting the Needs of Our Community

 As word spread about my business, it wasn't long before I met many women suffering in silence over hair loss. My heart broke listening to their stories and I could personally relate to their experience.  I was on a mission to learn about wigs for hair loss. Back then there wasn't much training available for this industry.  So I decided to make a big investment, bought a lot of inventory and started to experiment with various fibers, constructions and designers. Teaching myself how to style, cut and alter them. I ruined a lot of wigs in the name of research, but it was all worth it, to be able to help someone in need.  The needs of our community in despair resulted in me expanding my wig selections to include fashion, medical, theater, costume and custom.  Little did I know what the future held, a rewarding career making a difference in the lives of others; evident by the smiles, notes, and grateful hugs I received from clients.

I Can Relate

I have experienced hair loss myself, I know personally how stressful, isolating and devastating to a woman’s emotional being it can be. Hair is often considered a woman’s crowning glory and it’s no secret that if you are having a bad hair day, you just don’t feel confident, pretty or joyful. I knew I could help.

More than Just Hair

This wonderful world of hair and compassion is a gift many overlook. Not only the gifts, I received by being able to work from home and raise a family, but the way my private wig shop has enabled women to return to work confidently, allowed shut-ins to leave their homes without fear, restored a sense of self, lifts a depressed spirit, builds self esteem, enables a woman to feel pretty, and makes women smile.  To me, this is life giving and I am honored to be the support that enables the women in our community to go forward and do what they do best at work, school, being a mother, grandmother, volunteer, a leader, and to create.  

Own Your Own Wig Shop, I can help you start your wig business

Looking Forward

This is my 16th year in business and is my transition year, I need to care for an elderly parent who lives out of state and plan to grow Sentimental Jewelry Designs and other art projects.  I will be operating as usual and happy to help you with your hair needs in any way I can.

My goals is to pass on The Hair Lady wig business to another person or persons who understand hair is more than just hair and would like to be in a niche business that makes differences in our community.  This is a unique and customizable business opportunity for non-licensed and licensed beauty professionals.  I am offering training and business consulting at whatever levels are needed.  This business is flexible and can work for many situations; full-time or part time, home based or a store front, combined with an existing business, service, or product line.

If this interests you, I welcome the opportunity to chat, contact me, The Hair Lady, Janise at 814-

883-3862 or click here.

Honor to Serve You

Since then, I have compassionately served over a thousand men and women in the tri-state are dealing with hair loss. I have been certified by many wig designers and am able to offer a variety of beautiful hair accessories and replacement systems that could quickly help them regain their confidence and self worth. I take the time to meet personally with clients to listen to their concerns and goals for their hair in private and confidential consultations.  I can't give them their own hair back, but my personal goal is to find the most flattering hair style for each person that suits their lifestyle. To see you smile and feel confident with the woman in the mirror is why I do what I do.

I am honored to be a beauty resource for you. Clients come in my doors as strangers and leave with a hug from a new friend that understands and offers support when they need it. Call me to request your private appointment or request online.   Read testimonies from some of my clients.


Giving Back

I believe you can use whatever gifts and talents you have to help someone else.  I also feel it is important to be involved in my community to offer support and build relationships.

ACS 12 year service The Hair Lady, Janise Crow

In 2005 I began volunteering as a beauty consultant with the American Cancer Society. I facilitated the Look Good Feel Better Program and the wig program offered in the State College area. It is with a full heart and much gratitude to the ACS and all it does, that I say good-bye to my volunteer position there, I retired in 2016.  I have met many wonderful women and men through this opportunity and hope I made a positive difference.  I believe in the program and know you will be blessed by the many others who are now volunteering. 

There was a time it seemed our community was short on hats for chemo patients, being crafty I thought I could try to make them and make use of recycled materials (t-shirts) so I got organized. I 

invited women from the community to come together for 2 days and make 375 hats out of t-shirts donated by the ACS for those in need.  These were given at no cost to anyone in need in Centre county. Want to learn to make hats for your community? click here

When you come to my shop, you will notice wooden carvings out front, perhaps catch a glimpse of the glass bottle walls out back and see my jewelry creations on the walls on shelves inside evidence of my families creative side.

I am a self taught jewelry designer and through the encouragement of friends and family I do offer my jewelry designs Sentimental Jewelry Designs by Janise Crow Memories of my Grandmother in art formfor sale.  I like to share the blessings others, sometimes as a fundraiser for missions both locally and internationally.  My heart is close to an Orphanage in the Dominican Republic and have been able to support the Way's at Way Fruit Farm to minister to the children and staff both personally and financially.  Providing food, facilities, equipment, education or whatever is needed at the time Here is a brief video.  When the Callao Cafe was open, Dave and I partnered on a cause to support cancer research through the sales of my wire wrapped pendants that they sold in the cafe. I have also had the blessing of being able to support some needs at our local trailer parks.  My passion is to use the media of jewelry to celebrate, tell a story, express a sentiment or remember.  Sentimental Jewelry Designs was birthed out of this vision.  I hope you will take a few minutes to explor the page, listen to the stories and be moved to contact me to make an original design for you.

I'm a relational person and sometimes we just need someone to talk to or discuss spiritual life.  I am part of a wonderful network and would be happy to help you connect to a bible study or support group depending on your interests and needs. 

Bear chainsaw carving by Ed Crow for The Hair Lady, Janise CrowMy husband and I enjoy being creative.  For me, anything goes... I enjoy learning and learning diverse art forms from hair, makeup, photography, jewelry design, chainsaw carving, welding, decorative painting, decorating, organizing or developing my website.  I like learning, the challenge of trying something new but, most of all, I like the people I meet though it.  My husband, Ed is the real chainsaw carver in the family.  He create beautiful fish, eagles, owls, bears and more.

I don't need to list all the organization I support, the point is when I think of community, I think of people kindly living a long side each other and freely lending a hand to one another.  After all, we all know it takes a village to raise a child.  So working with local organizations in our community to help meet needs is a joy and opportunity to connect, grow, and learn.