Earrings & Rings

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Recently Janise developed a way to recycle beautifully painted aluminum beverage cans and turn them into lovely jewelry that is light weight, whimsical and eco friendly. 

Aluminum is a wonderful metal to work with it and having the ability to repurpose a soda can into art is an added benefit.  Janise sanitizes the cans, cuts them into workable sheets of metal and designs each piece. She hand paints the metal, adds textures and assembles the metal shapes with wire beads and other interesting things to create unique lightweight artisan jewelry.

Janise's Aluminum Collections include:

  • School / Sports Colors such as: Penn State, Pittsburgh, Steelers and others upon requests.
  • Beverage labels: Love Coke or another beverage?  Janise will gladly create jewelry for you with your favorite beverage can.
  • Artisan Painted : Hand painted abstract designs and textures in an array of shapes and sizes.