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Before and after jr long human hair wiglet

Yvonne wearing Human Hair 17" Monfilament Wiglet in color #12

Meet Yvonne, a 30 something working woman, who felt she was "aging well beyond her years and had given up on ever being able to look good again".  Each look in the mirror was a difficult reminder of her current hair loss and in the future permanent hair loss due to lichen plano polaris (LPP).  Wikipedia defines LPP as a form of hair loss which involves scarring, a follicular form of lichen planus, and is considered to have an autoimmune cause. Lichen planopilaris is a distinct variant of cicatricial alopecia, a group of rare disorders which destroy the hair follicle, replace it with scar tissue, and cause permanent hair loss.


Yvonne states "I felt resigned to going bald, but decided to “go out fighting” by making an appointment with Janise, The Hair Lady,  to check out my options.  I was not sure what to expect, and did not know it was going to end up being a great day!!  Janise  listens well and understands that feeling good about yourself is essential to your well-being.  She made me feel beautiful again, vibrant. Like I said, I could not stop smiling!!  I was seeing a New Me, but actually; the old me but better."

How did The Hair Lady do it?

1.  I listened to Yvonne's concerns, what she wanted to improve and suggested a hair system that would meet her near term and longer term needs.

2.  I outfitted Yvonne with a hand tied human hair wiglet (click hereto see the wiglet), color matched to her hair that will clip or bond and blend with her current hair style.  The wiglet was cut and styled to frame Yvonnes face with wispy bangs. 

3.  Yvonne received personal hands on instruction on how to apply makeup to smooth her skin, bring out her eyes and give her the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes. click here to learn more about makeup workshops

4.  Yvonne's results are lovely and she now feels beautiful and confident again.

"I appreciate Janise's caring nature and her desire to show you how you can feel beautiful about yourself again. My co-workers all love the hairpieces and the way it is styled to frame my face. They commented on how  It looks so real, looks good on me, and matches my hair perfectly.  I would definately recommend the The Hair Lady to family and friends."  Yvonne

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  • Do you have thin hair on top (crown area)?

Don't worry we have just the thing for you.  It's called a wiglet.  Wiglets are simply the crown part of a wig and are attach with clips or some with tape or bobbipins.  The hair from the wiglet sits over your hair and blends right in. The are available in an array of lengths, colors and textures from curls to straight.  Monofilament, machine made (have a tease base), human hair and synthetic wiglet offer something for everyone's budget.

  • Do you have thinning hair on top and maybe a little lower or certain places on your head?

I would suggest a custom made wiglet or perhaps a full wig for you depending on your needs and lifestyle.  A custom wig can be made pretty easily for you, just think of it as a partial wig....  You have an wide selection of styles, colors, hair and cap types available to you.

  • Do you want more hair for an updo?

Now you know the celebrity secrets to beautiful hair.  You have lots of options, there are a few variable that would refine your selection;  hair length, how much hair, what type of attachment if any, texture (curls/straight), color and human or synthetic.  With this information I can help you select the right hairpiece for you needs.

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