Hairloss Options with the Hair Lady

Whether your hair loss is caused by cancer, alopecia, medications, hormones, stress or female pattern baldness you can be the same active person you were before it occurred. The Hair Lady offers a healthy non-steriod, non-chemical, non-medical treatment alternative with custom fitted natural looking and free moving hairpiece or wigs you can remain confident and feel good about your appearance. Did I mention, no glue, no damage to your hair or skin?

Healthy options for hairloss

Cosmetic  - this method is good for mild hair loss. What often bothers women is the visual ablity of the scalp. She has hair coverage, but it is thin, fine and the scalp shows through. A simple application of color on the scalp in a shade that matches your own hair color is a quick and temporary fix. This is effective in taking away the constrast of skin color to hair color and gives the appearance of hair.  Yes, there are cons to this method. It is designed to be put in and wash out, you have to reapply daily and it could run if you perspire heavily.  
Hairpiece - pieces of hair that are custom sized to fit the hair loss area attachable with small snap clips, tape or washable adhesive. The hair is selected based on the needed length, style, and color of hair.  Available in human hair and synthetic hair and are vertually undetable because they blend in so well with your own hair. These are great options for thinning hair on top, sides, and alopecia spots. These are designed to be removed daily.  see salon services
Wig - 1/4 wig, 1/2 wig, 3/4 wig or a full wig - lots of versitility depending on the amount and placement of coverage needed.  Partical wigs are a great way to cover larger areas, secure with snap clips and are no fuss hairstlying quickly.  As an added benfit, these and toppers/wiglets help cover any color regrowth or gray hairs on top. No more bad hair days.  see salon services


Janise Crow, Wig ConsultWhen facing hair loss many things seem out of your control, but don't worry, together we'll find the right option that is right for you. I know how important it is for many women to keep their appearance exactly the same. Custumizing a hair addition to match your current hairstyle so you feel and look like you. This makes wearing a hair addition or  wig a seamless transition.

Photos are helpful and important part of customizing your wig or hairpiece. Photos may be taken during your private consultation or can be emailed.  This service is also a wonderful way to gift a custom wig to someone you love. 

I encourage proactive planning to help meet the challenges of hairloss and regain your self esteem. Call today for your private consultation.  see salon services

Preparing for Hairloss

Hair Loss Tips