Sentimental Jewelry Designs by Janise Crow

Your stories & memories come to life in wearable art form


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Janise is a multimedia artist whose passion is to make connections and evoke personal sentiment in a wearable art form.  Her jewelry connects the wearer to a cherished memory, time or place.  She brings personal stories to life by incorporating treasured trinkets with a delicate balance of the past and present.  Each component is specifically selected to convey the unique story and style of the wearer by blending a multitude of materials, colors, textures, and movement.  

Janise is a jewelry artist who not only helps women feel confident and beautiful but enables women to have a unique creative voice through wearable art.

  • Imagine the connection of a bride on her wedding day wearing a custom design. This piece is made from grandma’s pearls, lace from mom’s wedding dress, auntie’s buttons, and rhinestone charms from a cousin.
  • Think about mom on mother’s day receiving sentimental jewelry created with mementos from those she loves celebrating her on mother’s day.
  • Thrill a valentine with a custom jewelry design given with a personal expression of a shared sentiment.
  • Celebrate the life of a loved one, military veteran or a season in your life.
  • Preserve a special memory, time or event
  • Shadowbox displays

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On this page, you will see examples of Janise's commissioned sentimental jewelry.  I invite you to take a few moments to learn about some of the stories, memories, and sentiment that inspire them. Notice how each piece is unique and fashioned for the wearer.

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Strong Woman Necklace, Sentimental Jewelry Designs by Janise Crow
Strong Woman Necklace
Symbolizes Life Challenges Women Overcome 

expressing your individuality
and spirit

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