Wig Care

February 3, 2012 @ 6:23 PM

Caring For Your Wig
Caring for your wig is easy with today's hair fibers, wigs are designed to be wash and wear or shake and go. I'm a firm believer in not overwashing your wig. Keeping your wig clean and look it's best is important, but too much washing can dry and dull a wig before it's time. A good way to tell if your wig needs to be washed is by smelling it. If it doesn't smell good, time to wash and condition your wig hair. If it's clean smelling but just doesn't feel soft spray wig conditioner on it allow to dry and style as usual.  Here is my suggested method of washing a wig.

Washing Instructions for Synthetic Wigs

1.  Before you begin, gently brush the ...

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