July 3, 2014 @ 12:30 PM

Time to Lighten Up for Summer

Ah, summer is so close. You can feel it in the air? Warmth and even uncomfortable heat is creeping in, and it’s time to put away winter boots, dust off the grill, and enjoy some cool and icy beverages on the patio. We think the kinds with umbrellas are best. While you’re adapting to the change in temperature, why not consider a lighter hairstyle?

Long hair is lovely, but it can be an unwanted burden during the summer months. You can always style lengthy locks into braids orupdos to keep the weight off your neck, but you could also opt for a shorter look.

Our Open Top collection has a wide variety of hairstyles from bobs to pixie cuts. Each look was designed with comfort in mind. Since air can circulate freely through a delicate layer of gossamer, it’s an ideal choice for warm weather. Netting with a petal pattern adds unparalleled stretch and support to each style in the collection, and it’s dyed in a complementary shade for complete coverage.

Want to keep the length? Our Lace Front collection offers both medium and over the shoulder styles, and it mimics natural hairlines. From wispy hairs around the face to graduated density from the hairline to the crown, Lace Front styles look like real hair. Best of all? It barely feels like you’re wearing a wig.