Stories and Memories Come to Life in Wearable Art Form

Sentimental Jewelry by Janise Crow

Janise Crow thinks of herself as a story teller, a memory keeper who expresses treasured memories and honorariums through wearable art.  Each vintage component; stone, strand, bauble, trinket, and every element of color and texture has been thoughtfully selected to connect with the wearer making each necklace, bracelet or earring a unique creation with meaning and purpose.

A resident of State College and owner of The Hair Lady, wig salon, Janise is a full time wig specialist and jewelry artist who not only helps women feel confident and beautiful, but now enables women to have a unique creative voice through wearable art.  It’s the wearer’s choice of what story they want to tell, which memory that want to hold on to, whom to pay tribute to or what statement they wish to express.  Janise is the artist who uses recycled objects, vintage jewelry, new components and trinkets from the wearer to express the meaning in wearable art form.   

Danae commissioned Janise to tell her story of giving up a child for adoption. She expressed: “This necklace is so special to me as it represents the son I gave up for adoption.  I wanted something beautiful that reminded me of him, to tell the story of how something painful can be beautiful and happy.”

Strong Woman Necklace by Janise CrowAs a wig specialist, Janise supports women undergoing cancer treatments, alopecia, and many other hair loss issues that often rob a woman of her health, self esteem and hope. This inspired Janise to use her creative talent of jewelry making to recognize the courage, strength and beauty of women through the “Strong Woman Necklace”. This necklace and other designs honoring needle crafters, local heritages and memoirs are currently on exhibit at the Bellefonte Art Museum.

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