March 15, 2017 @ 6:30 PM

Custom Hair Hats by The Hair LadyThis week I had the pleasure of creating custom hats with removable hair.  These hair hats are perfect for a sporty or more casual look and are often cooler than a full wig.

The hair is attached to the hats with Velcro and can easily be changed to a different hat. Hair hats can be made using synthetic or human hair in just about any hair texture or length desired.  This technique works great for many hat styles including the ones shown.  Think about your summer brimmed beach hat... there are many possibilities this would work in.

You supply the hat and I create the look. (not all hats are good candidates, so let's chat before you buy your hats).

To have hats made for you, request an appointment.





Hats with removable hair by The Hair Lady