Wig Shampoo

Price: $8.00

Prod. Code: ACShmpo

Cleans, conditions, removes hair spray & lacquer from synthetic hair. An excellent wig & human hair shampoo. Leaves hair glossy clean.

Directions: remove tangles with a wide tooth comb. Pour a small amount (approx. 1-2 cap fulls) of shampoo into a sink/basin of cool water. Immerse hair in mixture and let soak for 5-10 minutes. Right before you remove hair from the basin gently swish it around. Remove hair from basin. Fill basin with clean water and swich hair until shampoo is removed. Follow with until shampoo is removed. Follow with Conditioner. Do not wring, twist, comb or brush hair when wet.  Place over wig stand to air dry.

8oz. Bottle

Note: Shampoo shipped may be from other manufactures: Estetica, Paula Young, Brandywine, Revlon, etc.