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Hair Hats & Extensions > Kate 12-17" Curls Extension
Kate 12-17" Curls Extension

Prod. Code: Extension

Kate is an add-in extension. Two seperate pieces for you to have longer, fuller hair in minutes. Measurements: 12-17" long x 9" wide and 14"-16" Long x 5" Wide. Length depends on curl tightness/bounce.

To wear, section the hair about 3" below crown all the way around your head, secure with a clip. Open the clips on the larger piece.  Starting in the center, attach the clip to the hair.  HInt: backcombing can be added before you attach to provide a more secure fit.  Work your way toward each ear, securing the clips to the hair.  For longer, fuller hair, section your hair about 3//4 the way down the head from the crown, clip up, and attach the second smaller piece.  Remove all your holding clips and gently comb through the hair to blend with your own.

Attachment: Extenstion, Small metal snap clips

Color Chart

Available Colors:  8T124, Butterscotch (BCH), Chocolate Blond (CB)

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