Price: $15.99

Prod. Code: HPAW001

AW001 creates a beautiful bun with 3" curls, AW001 can be worn on a clip, pinned on, or with a decorative pick. This is a favorite for majorettes, dance teams, and formal wear.

 Attachment: Scrunchie (Elastic band)

Color Chart

Available Colors: 2T27, 2T33, 3, 8T124, 10/19T, 10H16, 12T26, 24/14, 24BT18, 24BT20, 27/124, 27A, 27C, 27C/29, 30, 31,  33, 33/130, 131, 33TR, 613,  R32

Colors and Quantities limited to in stock availability only