Donate Jewelry & Trinkets

Receive a discount off your next wig purchase

Do you have unwanted jewelry you no longer wear or have inherited from family member or friend?

Put them to good use and donate them to Janise Crow who turns them into unique wearable art.

Janise can be reached by email or visit






Here is a sample list of items I am looking for, but not limited to just this list, sometimes it's the oddest things that catch my eye

Brooches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets (no bangles), dress clips, shoe clips, pins,






donate jewelry

Beaded necklaces

Medallions, medals



Small (3” or less) decorative coin purse

Small (3” or less)

Watches Decorative (not sports)

Vintage jewelry

Old artist’s paintbrushes

Decorative magnifying glass (Small up to 4”)

Interesting keys

Watch and clock parts

Metal game pieces

Typewriter keys

Religious items

Foreign coins

Old diaper pins

Pocket watch (up to 3”)

Pill box – decorative up to 2”

Lipstick tubes – metal or decorative

Small old photos black/white

Tiny perfume bottle


Donate Jewelry and Trinkets