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Preparing for Hair loss

Preparing for Hairloss        Things to Consider          Look Good Feel Better


Part of the healing process begins with being positive and comfortable with who you see in the mirror.  I will guide you through each step with beauty techniques and hair replacement options.  Private and group sessions are fun and help you improve your self-esteem, manage treatment-related side effects and recovery with greater confidence.  You will enjoy a confidential session meeting other women experiencing similar situations in a private setting with a trained beauty advisor.

Before LGFB with Janise Crow, The Hair Lady After LGFB with Janise Crow, The Hair Lady
  "Thank you, I feel pretty again." Gay

Things to ConsiderWig Fitting with Janise Crow, The Hair Lady

When is the best time for me to get hair help?  This is a personal decision, but many women prefer to go before they actually experience hair loss. This will also enable the wig specialist to see your natural hair color, style, and discuss the of the options available to you. 

For some time now wigs have gotten a bad rap... today's wigs and hairpieces are not like your mothers or grandmother's wigs.  Now, wigs are made with quality synthetic materials and human hair that are virtually undetectable.  You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to have a great looking wig. Katherine, The Hair Lady, offers a large variety of quality wigs and designers at affordable prices.  It isn't always true that you pay more for a better wig. There are lots of factors that are to be considered. 

Be open-minded about the color.  You may be thinking, "I'd never wear a blonde, dark, or auburn color," but then once you have it on, it could be the most flattering shade you've ever tried.  The beautiful thing about a wig, is that you can have just about any color you can imagine.

Wig Consult with Janise Crow, The Hair LadyToday's wigs are light, airy, and very stylish, ranging from the classic short to long, flowing locks.  They don't look "wiggy" at all.  Very little trimming or thinning is necessary. Customizing the bangs and around your face is usually all that may be needed.  Wigs can be cut to your desired style just like your own hair, so don't be afraid to ask The Hair Lady to shape your wig the way you'd like it. When trying on wigs, try styling the hair yourself. I you like your hair tucked behind your ears, tuck; if you part your hair, recomb the wig that way. Like curls smooth or wispy... rearrange them that way.  Personalizing with your style is all it takes. 

The largest selection of wigs come in an average size. Katherine, The Hair Lady, can fit and alter your wig to achieve a comfortable fit. A properly fitted wig will not have any gaps or extra cap material that doesn't contour to your head.

Consider what type of budget you have for a wig. Keep in mind most insurance companies will reimburse for a "cranial prosthesis" accompanied with a written prescription from your doctor.  The American Cancer Society offers a wig program

 Before Hairloss help with Janise Crow, The Hair Lady   Hairloss help with Janise Crow, The Hair Lady   Wig Consult with The Hair LadyYou choose the style you're comfortable with... something like your current style, or somethinWig consult with Janise Crow, The Hair Ladyg totally new.  Preparing for hairloss wth The Hair Lady, State College PA







Preparing for Hair Loss
I'm starting to lose my hair, should I shave my head? Seeing your hair come loose from the scalp can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. Many experience itching and tingling during the hair-loss phase. To help with this, I suggest cutting your hair short (NOT SHAVED), leaving at least 1/2" to 1" of hair.  This short hair will be a easier to care for, protect your scalp and will not cause scalp irritation caused by a razor.

I hear wigs are not comfortable, what can I expect?  I would say wearing a wig feels like wearing a hat. Putting something new on your head will take some getting used to.  To ensure the most comfortable fit consider one of the accessories that could help you with any specific problems you may be experiencing.

How do I keep the wig on? Once your wig is properly fitted with any alterations needed and fits snugly (not tight) to your head, it will not slip or move with normal wear.  Some like the feeling of a wig liner under their wig. If you prefer, you can add wig tape or a water-solluable adhesive to your scalp/wig for extra security.  more wig info

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